CERB only covers half of my fixed expenses, so between trying to come up with money for the other half and stressing about being out of a job until who knows when, eating, let alone eating properly would’ve gone by the wayside. Super grateful to any and all who helped to support myself and others during this pandemic. It means a lot.


This initiative was incredibly helpful and allowed me to stay housed and fed during a stressful and challenging time. There are so many restaurant workers who fall through the cracks of government support, and who are often already experiencing precarious income. I’m so grateful that initiatives like the Toronto Restaurant Workers Relief Fund exist and take the needs of restaurant workers into account.


Since being laid off, it’s been a challenge to pay rent and bills, making grocery expenses feel like a luxury and not a necessity. Toronto Restaurant Workers Relief Fund has offered much needed support in the way of fresh and local foods.

-Jeff. L

Never before had I been in a situation where I was accounting for where every dollar was going. While I was certainly not in the worst case scenario, I was making decisions about spending $2 on spinach or $.99 on a cabbage. The help provided by Toronto Restaurant Workers Relief fund greatly improved my life by allowing more dollars to be allocated to the fine food via the virtual farmers market. It was a help to my nutrition, stress level and budget. Thank you so much for this support, it goes a long way.


I don’t know how I could have made it through without you. There have been weeks where I survived almost entirely on these grocery orders. I can’t say it enough: THANK YOU!